WP Engine Review – Pay more, but why?

WP Engine, one of the best performing alternatives for WordPress hosting, but also one of the most expensive ones.Why should you invest in this hosting provider? And, will WP Engine still be relevant in 2020?

I’ve talked about this a thousand times, it really makes sense to invest in the performance of your site. Site performance is good for search engine optimization and if you’re serious about your websites, professional WordPress hosting can actually help you make even more money on your website. The modern user demands good website speed and so does Google and the other search engines. Optimizing your website speed with good cache, compressing code and other tricks is really important, however, a reliable and good performing host is can take your website to the next level, outperforming the other websites in your niche.

So, why WP Engine? WP Engine has always been focused on WordPress, and can actually provide so much more than the regular host. This hosting provider makes it incredibly easy to connect to a global CDN, automated SSL certificates and even offers functionality to run your websites professionally using development, stage, and production environments. Basically, build and test new features without jeopardizing your live environment. If anything goes wrong, this strategy makes it easier to roll back and test without interfering with the live site and its users.

The thing that makes it possible for WP Engine to fine-tune the hosted websites that are using the service is due to the fact that WP Engine is what is called a Managed WordPress hosting, where most technical aspects of running WordPress is managed by WP Engine. What it really means is that WP Engine manages security, speed, updates, backups and uptime, while you focus on what you’re supposed to focus on, high-quality service or content of the website.

WP Engine 2019-07-13

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Don’t underestimate the value of good support from your hosting provider. One of the things that WP Engine is known for is quick and high-quality support. Actually, high-quality support is one of the main things that makes me stay with a host for a long time. On the contrary, bad support from hosting companies is a thing that often makes me recommend some of my clients to switch to other hosting providers who provide high-quality support like WP Engine. Like in general business, we tend to search for long term business relations, and when selecting a hosting provider, its the same thing. To be able to stay for many years, good support is incredibly important. WP Engine has a good advantage when WordPress owners are searching for new hosting solutions due to the fact that their support crew are WP pros. Support matters do actually not have to be regarding hosting-specific questions, they know much more than that.


As I said before, a website with good speed will have happier visitors and is good when search optimizing. According to WP Engine, their customers “enjoy an average of 27% faster load times by switching to WP Engine”Always select a hosting provider with good metrics when it comes to speed.

Other speed- and performance related topics which WP Engine helps you with are:

  • Fully Managed Global CDN – Load content faster with our global content delivery network (CDN).
  • Proprietary EverCache® – Reduce strain on your site’s resources with our caching solution
  • Traffic Encryption with SSL
  • Security: Threat Detection & Blocking
  • Uptime Protection
  • Scalable Architecture

Optimizing speed on a regular host usually means, messing with different cache and speed plugins. WP Engine reduce this hassle and you can focus on creating great content. This is especially important for Affiliate website who focus on great SEO (search engine optimization) to attract new visitors and leads.

Final notes

So, if 24/7 support and great performance and security is not enough for you, WP Engine also gives you access to some premium WordPress themes from StudioPress.

For me, this is important because most free WordPress themes are not written with optimized code, which often leads to bad performance. A lot of free themes looks nice, but lack in performance.

Back to my main questions, will WP Engine still be relevant in 2020 and why should you invest in this hosting provider? Well, in my opinion, awesome support in combination with great performance and good features for WordPress makes this an easy question to answer. Yes.

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