I got 5 times faster load time by switching WordPress host

How this website got more than 5 times faster load time by switching hosting provider

So, in this post, I am going to show you how THIS website went from a load time of 2.81s to 515ms by switching to a different hosting provider. No further optimization, no extra cache – just 5 times faster

Here I was, recently started up WPHostingDirectory.com, writing about different hosting providers, shared tips about how to backup your WordPress website, and preaching about how good performance will increase your SEO, making Your websites rank better in Google at the same time as the user experience increases. It is all true, however, when I started this website, I noticed that a lot of my websites were struggling with performance issues. Even though I worked hard with optimization, cache and served static content using the Cloudflare CDN – basically followed every rule of the book.. but never did I see the decreased load time/page speed I were looking for.

This was very frustrating, and I had numerous conversations with my hosting provider, even switched up to their biggest hosting subscription, only to get the final answer that they didn’t have anything to do with it, not a problem on their side. Since I was pretty sure that the problem was due to performance problems at my hosting provider, I decided to give another player a chance – a hosting provider I never tried before, but had been reading a lot good about. Since I am based in Europe, Sweden, my goal was to find a host that in combination with Cloudflare could deliver my websites with good load time both in Europe and the rest of the world. However, since most of my websites are focusing on European audiences, the servers have to be within Europe. Inleed is the hosting provider I decided to try.

Note that I wasn’t sure about anything when I decided to try another hosting provider for my WordPress websites, and to be able to make a good decision based on actual measurements, I set up a few rules;

  1. The measurements regarding load time were tested using the Pingdom Website Speed Test.
  2. I disabled my optimization/caching plugin.
  3. I cloned the website using All-in-One WP Migration (also, see my guide for backing up/restoring your WP website using All-in-One WP Migration).
  4. I decided to still use Cloudflare.

Basically, the goal was to make a fair performance test, giving both hosting providers an equal chance to perform.

What I found was pretty interesting. By pointing the CDN setting towards the cloned website at Inleed, without optimizing anything… gave me more than 5 times faster load time. I was truly amazed!

Speed test after switching hosting provider: The speed went from 2.81s to 515ms
Result: Load time went from 2.81s to 515ms (more than5 times faster)

As you can see, the page speed went from 2.81 seconds down to 515 milliseconds JUST by switching to a better hosting provider. Note that the pricing per month is almost the same, about $2 more per month with my new hosting provider.

Note that I’m not here to write shit about my previous hosting provider, and since I have been a happy customer there for more than eight years, I’m not going to tell you who hosted it. I still respect their work and will probably keep one or two websites where the targeted audience is Sweden only 😊

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