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You need great WordPress Hosting

Selecting a good WordPress host is incredibly important. Good performance means better user experience, it can improve the click-through rate and affect your search engine ranking. We at WP Hosting Directory want to help you select a great WordPress host.

General Tips When Selecting WordPress Hosting

Every business owner needs a website that positions and sells the brand. Over the years, WordPress has become the most popular platform to host business websites and blogs.

Nowadays, in 2020, there are so many WordPress hosting providers in the online market, which makes it quite challenging for business owners to choose the right WordPress hosting provider for their site.

However, when choosing a WordPress hosting provider, it is vital to make a sound decision because the right service provider is essential to the smooth running of your website.

Apart from speed and quality of services, the right WordPress hosting provider must provide the following features:

Performance: It is crucial to opt for a WordPress hosting provider that meets your business need. In doing this, you may need to provide answers to the following questions.

  • How many websites do I need?
  • Do I need a backup service for my site?
  • What is my budget for this?
  • Do I need a host that supports unlimited domains or not

Providing answers to the questions above will help you get the most out of your WordPress hosting provider. Besides getting the ultimate performance, you also need a hosting site that offers an abundance of disk space, speedy server, the right bandwidth, and guaranteed uptime. Good performance means happy customers.

Security: In addition, pick a WordPress hosting service that offers the right security features for your site and ensure that it isnt isn’t prone to cyber-attack or hackers. A good WordPress host makes sure to regularly scan for malware and help you get rid of the problem. Another important security feature to look for when selecting WordPress hosting provider is the possibility to add SSL to your website. SSL helps you protect sensitive data that is communicated between the user and the website. Nowadays, SSL should be considered as a standard that all websites should use.

Customer Support: All online businesses run 24 hours daily; this implies that your site will be up all day long. Therefore, you must pick a WordPress Hosting provider that offers prompt technical support and ensures that your site is up and running at all times. An excellent WordPress hosting service most have multiple contact options such as email, phones, and others, respond quickly to messages and provide answers to customers’ inquire immediately.

Pricing: In choosing a WordPress hosting service, you must also consider the pricing. Although it isn’t a good idea to go for the cheapest service, you must understand the features and quality of service that the provider offers before opting for one. Ideally, as a small business owner, you can opt for a hosting plan of $5 to $25. People who have a large number of visitors on their site should opt for dedicated hosting.

Website Backups: You also need to opt for WordPress hosting service that backup your website data against unforeseen accidents. Therefore, you need the right WordPress hosting that automatically backup your site and also provide an option for manual backup.

Your websites need great hosting!
Speed up your WordPress websites by selecting a good and reliable WordPress Host

5 important things to have in mind when selecting your next WordPress Hosting provider

  • Support – Good and quick support from your hosting provider is extremely valuable. Telephone support is always an extra plus!
  • Speed/Performance – increase the user experience and SEO by offering great speed.
  • Uptime Guarantee – Don’t miss out on any potential sales/leads due to server problems etc. A lot of serious hosting providers guarantee a certain amount of uptime.
  • Free/paid SSL (HTTPS) – Google has made it very clear that SSL is important. It can affect SEO and generally look less serious. A lot of hosting providers offer free and paid SSL. vs
  • WordPress commitment – when running your websites using WordPress, you want to select a hosting provider who can help you with WordPress related issues to not be alone when you get problems.

We recommend SiteGround

  • Support – SiteGround is known for their outstanding customer service and support. You can get in touch with the support using phone, live chat or through their ticket system.
  • Speed/Performance – SiteGround promises “Ultra-fast Sites” thanks to servers that run on SSD-harddrives and PHP 7 with OpCache. They also offer static caching and a free CDN service to further boost your website’s performance.
  • Uptime Guarantee – SiteGround offers “Handcrafted Solutions for 99.99% Uptime“.
  • Free/paid SSL (HTTPS) – SiteGround offers Free SSL/HTTPS using certificates from Let’s Encrypt (Enough security for most websites). You can also select between paid WildCard SLL and
    Extended Validation (EV) SSL.
  • WordPress commitment – SiteGround is truely committed to WordPress. They offer managed WordPress hosting with daily backups, managed security & updates. They built their own free SiteGround Migrator plugin to make the transfer to SiteGround easy in just a few clicks.
  • SiteGround is even officially recommended by WordPress.

What SiteGround promotes in their advertisement:

Host comparison

Still not sure about SiteGround? One hosting provider doesn’t fit us all. Use our comparison table to easily compare different hosting companies.

Managed WordPress Hosting comparison table

Running a WordPress website takes some technical knowledge to do it within best practice. You want high security, good performance, and reliable backups when something goes wrong. Managed WordPress Hosting is for people who don’t want to feel stressed about this, might not have the technical knowledge which is needed, or just don’t want to spend time and energy on it.

Since WordPress powers about 34.4 percentage (2019) of the websites around the world, it is not strange that hosting providers offer Managed Hosting for WordPress. Managed WordPress Hosting is for website owners who want to worry as little as possible when it, for example, comes to security, backups, performance/speed, etc. The Hosting provider handles most of these things (depending on host/subscription) and you can focus on the content of the website.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a bit more pricy, so you should consider if you think the slightly higher price is right for you and your WordPress website(s). You should also know how many websites you want to host on your managed WordPress subscriptions. Most managed WordPress subscriptions start with subscriptions which limit the number of websites you can host before upgrading to a larger subscription. Using the sort function in the table below, you can compare different prices and the number of websites you are allowed to host on different subscriptions.

Using the following comparison table, you can compare different Managed WordPress Hosting subscriptions from some of the hosts that we on WordPress Hosting Directory trusts. We try to keep our data fresh and up to date, however, always check prices and features before purchasing a hosting subscription. Most hosts offer discounted prices for new customers. In our comparison tables, you are able to compare both regular prices and discounted offers which usually is limited to your first time as a customer.

HostSubscriptionccyPrice/moDiscounted/mo# of Websites*
HostGatorStarter Plan$9.925.951
HostGatorStandard Plan$15.97.952
HostGatorBusiness Plan$23.149.953
WP EngineStartup$35351
WP EngineGrowth$1151155
WP EngineScale$29029015
DreamHostDreamPress Plus$29.9529.951
DreamHostDreamPress Pro$79.9579.951

of Websites*: (Number of Websites): 9,999 means that the subscription offers unlimited number of websites. The reason for displaying 9,999 instead of writing unlimited websites or ∞ websites is for the sorting function to work correctly.

CCY: Currency

Shared/Normal Web Hosting comparison table

So, there is no need for a Managed WordPress Hosting subscription? Well, that’s all fine. In general, you can save some money by selecting a “normal”, usually shared hosting subscription – and still run WordPress. Take a look in our resources section where we suggest some awesome plugins for functionality like backups, security, and optimization.

Using the following table, you can compare web hosting subscriptions from some of the most popular web hosting providers on the market. It is hosting providers that WP Hosting Directory trusts and generally has good knowledge of WordPress, combined with good performance and uptime.

HostSubscriptionccyPrice/moDiscounted/mo# of Websites*
BlueHostChoice Plus13.575.399999
HostGatorHatchling Plan$6.882.751
HostGatorBaby Plan$9.883.959999
HostGatorBusiness Plan$14.885.959999
DreamHostShared Starter$4.954.951
DreamHostShared Unlimited$10.9510.959999

of Websites*: (Number of Websites): 9,999 means that the subscription offers an unlimited number of websites. The reason for displaying 9,999 instead of writing unlimited websites or ∞ websites is for the sorting function to work correctly.

CCY: Currency