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SiteGround Web Hosting has proven to be the best WordPress Hosting provider for this year! They have Free WordPress Installation, Free WordPress Tutorial and Technical Support Team that is really experienced in solving all kind of WordPress related issues! Please follow this link to visit the SiteGround WordPress Hosting offer.

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  1. SiteGround is the best hosting company I have ever been hosted with – excellent features, low price, professional technical support, and much more. As a matter of fact, I can count on their sales team, as they are very helpful and in most cases solve my problems without even being paid for providing technical support. I will stay with them for lifetime!

  2. I’m happy to be hosted at SiteGround and I will be glad to recommend them anywhere I can. Besides, they have great free hosting program – I earned 6 months of free hosting already. Good job SG!,

  3. I host a wordpress site with SiteGround for about 2 years already. I have never experienced any problems, neither with my website, nor with their customer service. At first, when I opened an account, I barely knew what I should do. Thanks to the great SG team, my website is now up and running and constantly growing. Thank you guys!

  4. SiteGround is the best WordPress host! With them you will get free WordPress installation, you will be able to create your website with the help of a great WordPress tutorial, and access to a 24/7 proficient support team that are always nice, and reply in a timely manner.

  5. They are simply the best around, i’ve tried all sorts of web hosts and finally arrived at siteground and i am staying there, matter of fact i am moving all my websites – i am a web developer – and my clients websites to siteground
    They’re the webmaster’s best friend

  6. I’m used to good support from a number of companies over the years… Siteground is SUPERB, and their knowledge of Joomla is extraordinary. There’s a reason why all the Joomla Gods (Brian, Nicholas, and all the others) recommend Siteground. Just extraordinary support and systems that work. They just simply work as they’re supposed to. I’m beyond impressed. Responses are so fast to tickets that’s it’s easier to submit, then just refresh the browser window in a minute to get the answer rather than leaving and coming back.

  7. Guys at Siteground are resourceful and efficient. Their technology and support are good and consistent. They offer reliability and peace of mind. We would happily recommend Siteground to our friends and customers. They are Good.

  8. SiteGround technical support is AWESOME! I submitted a ticket to request DNS record be added so I could integrate an external service provider in with my site hosting services, and technical support responded to the request in less than 5 minutes and got me all set up! I could not be happier with their responsiveness!

  9. I been using a lot of host´s, consider that im using them long time ago
    and by far never receive the service this guys does,
    im surprised and glad with their service and not only that
    ATTITUDE, they are the best I ever deal with.
    And dont use to do this, but they really deserve it.

    Thank you guys at Siteground!

  10. J’ai fais un rêve, SiteGround m’a permis de le réaliser. Aujourd’hui grâce à la fiabilité et la puissance des services de SiteGround, je suis devenu le numéro un en Mauritanie dans l’enregistrement de nom de domaine.
    Merci de m’avoir donné l’opportunité de crée ma propre entreprise.

  11. Hello,
    Once again I am 100% happy with your service. Many thanks. It is really amazingly efficient, friendly and patient. Really good!

  12. Hello, chating with Rumen really got great experience. It’s like others said, that siteground response is awesome. Just wait for a couple months until my subscription end at the other hosting, then I’m ready to move my site here. Thank you for your great support !

  13. Customer service second to none! Here is an internet company which excels in looking after their customers.
    If you are not happy with any aspect of their product then discuss it with them and they will listen and treat you fairly.
    This is true for every employee of Siteground from the newest trainee up to the boss.

    Thank you Siteground for being an outstanding company!

  14. Georgi Laskov just answered a question I had about merging several website projects into one Siteground account in such a manner that explained both client and self owned projects very clearly!

    You’re the best! I’m planning to migrate several other important domain projects asap with the info received today 😉

  15. Siteground is the best hosting provider I have ever used since last 3 years. I have tried many hosting providers and found siteground to be the best. Their support is very good 24/7 available and their different data centers provide an option to speed up the site.

  16. This morning I was a support call with Dessy who said that she would open a technical support ticket as both she and I were unable to update WordPress on my site. She said I would get a response within 15mins. Some 30mins later, no support ticket had appeared in my account so I contacted LiveChat again. Martin responded and told me that no support ticket had been raised by Dessy. He then raised one at 11:20 and by 11:42 my site had been fixed. Martin was excellent but Dessy was terrible. In terms of customer service she said she would do something and then completely failed to do so. Had I not recontacted LiveChat I would have been waiting all day!!!

  17. Support? Siteground is just ON it … every time!
    Took me weeks to get support for domain transfer (to Siteground) and only minutes to get support from Siteground to actually transfer the domain. Problem solved, happy customer (for years and years to come).

  18. First experience with Siteground chat. It said there were 18 people in queue in front of me so I was very surprised at how quickly the chat operator came on. Impressive!

  19. Transferred my site from MediaTemple Grid Service. Switched to get better service for a cheaper price — Siteground has been amazing. Super fast and helpful support. highly recommend them, best host I’ve ever used.

  20. I started using SiteGround because I saw a lot of positive comments about their Support.

    I must say that they exceed my expectations. Response within seconds or minutes, proactive attitude, they have solved all my issues at the first call until now.

  21. Within a space few hours Siteground managed to create new hosting server, configure WordPress, answer all my queries, transfer my existing website as addon (additional) domain with no glitches, all with the excellent support team, helpful, courteous and technically brilliant!

    Happy to be on SITEGROUND !!
    Thank You!

  22. Doesnt matter what i throw at them, or what time of day or night – somebody smart always picks up my query quickly, listens and solves within less than 15 minutes – even the most complex.

    If its time critical stuff you need fixed, Siteground fix it in least time with least stress.
    Good work guys. 3 support tix fixed in past 24 hours have already made GoGeek good value.

  23. I am setting up a new domain for the first time with Siteground. I’ve needed some guidance over the past few weeks and each and every time I’ve been able to reach a live human via phone and chat and have had my troubles resolved in under 15 minutes for each case. Tech support is friendly and patient and the phone support is always quick. I am happy I have made the choice to switch to for my mail and hosting needs.

  24. Excellent service. Just asked a technical question on live chat, I was connected within 30sec and my query answered immediately.
    I host my wordpress site here and have to say it’s much, much better that my previous, well known, host (no names).
    I thoroughly recommend SiteGround to all.

  25. Wow! freaky fast ticket resolution. Great tools on the panel side, backups and caching services are fantastic!!! I wish I would have used your services sooner.

  26. fast, and reliable technical support, the site has been up 100% of the time since we moved to Siteground, by far the best shared hosting we have used (and we have tried many)

    is simply excellent

  27. I’ve only just signed up with SiteGround but I have to say I’m impressed already.

    I fouled up during the initialisation of my website and chose the wrong server location (most of my clients are North American but I’m in Australia). Moving to a different server is supposed to cost $30.00 or so. My previous money-hungry hosting service would have definitely charged me for that mistake. But I just logged a ticket with SiteGround explaining my stupidity and the Support person fixed it without complaint.

    That’s what I call customer service! SiteGround can have all my future business if this keeps up.

  28. Dealing with a Siteground technical resource is a wonderful experience. After my previous hosting company, there is just no comparison! Keep up the excellent work!

  29. I’ve been with SiteGround now for just over 4 years and I’ll certainly never go to any other web hosting company. Besides providing the best technical support I have ever experienced, the service is a fraction of the cost of other hosting companies and the hosting security is second to none. Their communication is brilliant, I get notified of any new Global security risks and informed of how SiteGround have already dealt with the issue, I don’t get bombarded with spam to upgrade my services and I know that by being a re-seller, I’m providing my own customers with the best possible service. If you are looking for a new hosting company, don’t hesitate, sign up with SiteGround!

  30. I just completed a chat with Dimitar, Support Services. He was so helpful. Solved a lot of problems and gave me good advice that might lead to an easier learning curve than WordPress’s. Silverstreak. I’m about to try it!

    I’m not surprised at the quality. I have never been let down by your amazing support team — via phone, chat or email..

    I love the value I get for the money — your service is soooo powerful and sets an excellent example of an OUTSTANDING company.

    Thank you for all you do for our world!

  31. I am really impressed with how they handled my site transfer and they stay in-touch so you know exactly what is happening. I moved to Site Ground so that my site would be faster – and it really is! Thank you!

  32. Having tried a lot of hosting companies, especially Hostgator and others including the companies/brands, Siteground is far ahead of the competition. Just excellent support and response. Now have several accounts and will continue to give more business to them.

    Hosting is a commodity with companies fighting over price. For us spending hours dealing with incompetent and rude support is not worth the cheap prices offered by others. Siteground just delivers on their support and value.


  33. Rositsa was very prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. She answer all my questions and provided me with links for further research. I am very pleased with her assistance, and I hope she is available if I have further questions.

  34. I’ve used Siteground support about 4 times so far and they are always superb. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  35. A thousand times, THANK YOU, for your support. My klutzy fingers accidentally deleted some key database files and I couldn’t reconfigure the settings properly. You provided a backup and fixed everything. Thank you again!


  37. AWESOME support! Very helpful and friendly! I’m from Brazil and my English is not that good… but all Support Team has patience and true will to help me with all my needs. 😀

  38. Topnotch from Todor – wow he was way ahead of me on the questions I was about to ask and the ones I did and I asked a few!. Read my mind. Nice one. Well satisfied.

  39. I changed my hosting to siteground a 3 weeks ago. The change over from my previous ISP was seamless, Since then I have had a number of issues as I have set up other sites and all have been quickly addressed by the support team, either by them directly fixing the problem or helping me understand what I need to do, as a bit of a beginner its good to have a team who know what they are talking about to help. I would not hesitate to recommend siteground.

  40. Loosdrecht 1-11-2014,
    I am very happy with my Joomla hosting by Siteground. The support is perfect. Sometimes it cost some time to explain what goes wrong but at the end of the day Siteground support solve my Joomla problems.
    I have now 3 Joomla websites / domains hosting by Siteground. I can say if you are looking for a good Joomla hosting in the Netherlands compare Siteground in your decisions. Siteground has there own Joomla server in Amsterdam. I am happy with them. Cheap and good Joomla hosting.
    Sjors Chamboné

  41. LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!! Site Ground. I can log on during the weekends and know that If I get stuck I can reach out to live chat. They are super fast, super helpful, and I can get back to work quick.

  42. I just want to thank your team for helping us move our website to your companies hosting. The site move went well and we are now up and running again. There were a few technical issues in the transition however your technical staff responded very quickly and helped get a few issues resolved and had us up and running quickly. So far, your service far exceeds the previous host that finally responded to our issues after we put in the DNS transfer to your company. Too bad for them! I hope you continue to offer the great service we have see so far. Will recommend you to others looking for hosting.


    Service is phenomenally good, always polite and helpful with everything! Would recommend to everybody at all levels of the I.T. spectrum. They have great software ready for your account, easy to use & navigate the control panel and the speed which sites loads is great, couldn’t ask for more!

    Even if your an affiliate to them they do pay out, on time and the correct amount. This is a hosting company to watch and I’m sure they’ll be the main player in years to come. 5* keep it up!


  44. I’ve been with Siteground for YEARS and they have never dissapointed. great service, great team, great infrastructure. will never look anywhere else.

  45. Superb support. No regrets with moving to SiteGround. Support has been fabulous whether it’s small or big. Will definitely recommend SiteGround to others.

  46. I have just switched to Siteground from another hosting 3 weeks ago and I am enthusiastic. The service is wonderful, highly professional (even for a beginner like me) and the support is absolutely fantastic, kind and professional. I am extremely happy with Siteground and I highly recommend to anyone. Thanks guys.

  47. Siteground’s team is of great help!
    After having worked with a different partner for months, I checked online ratings for webhosts and found Siteground (somewhere) at the top. I decided to pay more than at my former webhost, in return for more professionalism and service. I haven’t regretted it for even a moment. Now I can focus more on my business instead of loosing too much time on technical issues. Siteground’s team is super helpful, friendly and professional. I strongly recommend them!

  48. Just had a problem with importing a client site using a plugin (Backupbuddy) due to some system limitations. The support guys not only removed the limitation for me, they completed the install too, so i finish my lunch to find the client’s site is up already, with no further ado! Talk about going the extra mile!! I have been using Siteground for around 6 months now, running about 15 sites on them and in the process of bringing more over. Absolutely unbeatable customer service. Maybe some more expensive guys do something better, but since my sites all run extremely fast and they nix all issues quickly, I won’t need to be checking elsewhere.

  49. Bad come good — I actually had my first bad experience with Siteground today, i had purchased two SSL certs on the same single cPanel account, which technically will not work. So I had to get my client to buy a separate account for himself instead of having his site on mine, which is fine, as that should be the done thing anyway and i will be getting that done for all my clients now. So the first SSL cert was cancelled by their system. And there was no easy solve, took me some time to sort. But where many organisations customer service would just block you and say “no can do” their service guys actually do care, and a guy called Georgi Dinkov Georgiev took responsibility for it, got me sorted, and now all ready to go without a hitch with the best possible solution – a credit to client’s account for his SSL there and a fresh SSL for me to replace the cancelled one. No company is perfect but whether people care that makes the difference! Site ground’s people do.

  50. I had a failed Joomla update today that crashed my site. 15 minutes after opening a support ticket the site was back up. This type of response is what endears me to Siteground. I first started with Siteground in August, 2012 because I was unhappy with my current host. I had waited 18 hours for them to even address a crucial technical issue for me. In the 2+ years I have been with Siteground I have never waited more than 6 minutes for someone to tackle my problem. I have almost 20 sites hosted with them and am moving the rest of mine as they come up for renewal. There can be no better tech support on the web!

  51. Incredible.

    We are so glad we changed away from Godaddy to host at Siteground. Our page speed went from 5-7 seconds to 1.5 second load time.

    SSD drives, unlimited bandwidth, super high concurrent connections, one click CDN, Superior caching.

    Enough said.

  52. Anton was great to speak with on live chat! He spoke as a friend/family member would, but also as a business partner, answered all my questions quickly with good thought and confidence. SiteGround has been around for a while as I’ve been in eCommerce for quite a few years and I’m glad I’m choosing SiteGround as my hosting solution/business partner. I feel more relaxed with my decision in doing so and am fully satisfied. It’s a nice feeling as your hosting company plays a major role in part of your success online.

  53. I have accounts from differnet hosting providers for years bow but Siteground will always be my number one. beautiful customer service, top notch features. etc etc,

  54. Not only does SiteGround have state-of-the-art caching systems that make Joomla! sites so much faster than in their native state, but their support is simply unparalleled.

  55. I have been a customer with Siteground for over 8 years now and have always found there service excellent, the uptime superb and their support staff extremely helpful. I have around 40 website hosted through Siteground and have never had a security issue. They’re affordable and you never get limited daily like other hosts where you can be working on a site only to have it shut down til the next day because you’ve gone over your limit. Keep up the great work Siteground!

  56. Just switched a few days ago and I’m highly impressed with the speed and customer service. Switching for hostgator that takes 30 minutes to chat online only takes a few seconds and they are quick at solving and answering my questions. Highly recommend them to anyone and don’t mind paying a little extra for quality service.

  57. Siteground has the most amazing support! I always get straight through to a tech on the chat feature. (I prefer chat, because I can still work in the background while waiting for answers). After installing a plugin that do what I wanted, I went to delete it and the plugin apparently had some malicious code that took down every secondary page on my website with 404 errors (page not found). I got on the chat with the support team, a ticket was created, and in less than 12 minutes my entire site was restored and the code was gone. I’m swooning!!

  58. Very professional service. Tanya was excellent, the information provided has me persuaded to become one of the many members of SiteGround.

    I would certainly recommend them, and in my new Web Design company, I will be advising my clients to do the same.

    Regards from France,

  59. Konstantin K. is a very friendly and knowledgeable person who helped me a lot to buy a hosting and sent me the information.
    he also patiently answered all my question about the hosting and it’s capabilities … before i buy it and helped me to buy and start it very quickly. I appreciate his effort.

  60. I’ve used hosting companies for close to 7 years and always had one issue or another, slow connection, crap support, sneaky over billing that all stopped when I discovered Site Ground, Blows each and every one of them out the water.

    If you need a professional team looking after your hosting look no further!!!


  61. Spoke with Ivan P on live chat – great guy really helpful, and response was super quick. He knew what he was talking about.

  62. Great Service – they fixed my new website by loading the files and the database within minutes of me asking help. Fantastic job really. I could not have done it by myself.

  63. I really can’t believe how great Siteground is. Most of the other support I use will get back within 24-48 hours, totally destroying any chance of meeting deadlines. Particularly when you have a further question and have to wait ANOTHER 24-48.

    Siteground is FAST. They pick up the phone fast. They understand my problem fast. They solve it fast. What else could you possibly want?

  64. SiteGround has been there for me every step of the way. I started using their service about one 2 months ago, and I’ve had many questions related to both advanced technical things I don’t have any knowledge about, or am unsure about.
    I’ve used the open ticket system, as well as their live chat numerous times over the past couple of months, and on both counts SiteGround has been prompt, courteous, friendly, and most of all have answered all of my questions, and resolved any issue I have brought forward to them.

    Honestly…I have to say that I recommend them for those reasons.


  65. I don’t need assistance often but when I do “every time” the SiteGround team assists with record speed and accuracy. I would not want to have my sites hosted any where else!

  66. I am so happy I heard about and went with SiteGround as the host for my small business website. I know nothing-zero-zip-zilch about building websites and am not that patient about learning how to create them. The way I see it, I need to use my time to do what I specialize in, not learn something from the ground up. So this is one of the reasons I’m so happy with SiteGround. The service is impeccable. All of the people I have interacted with have been so helpful and beyond patient and it makes my frustration disappear! I especially love the LiveChat feature — because, as a visual learner, I interact best by type. I really cannot say enough good things about my experience so far and I’ve been telling everyone I know to choose SiteGround.

  67. These guys are really working for you. Good customer relations is almost THE most important thing. I think SiteGround hosting is going to do well. You can buy with confidence.

  68. I have been with siteground from almost ten years. They always work to make sure I have what I need. Their support is very responsive. Regardless of my issue when I contact support via the online channel I get a prompt response and they work with me to find a solution to my problems.

  69. Siteground is first in class with Support and they explain things very good to a tech newbie like me. I am gratefull for such support. The hosting services provided are great for what my business needs.

  70. Superb technical support. Both times I’ve chatted with a customer rep they’ve solved my problem in minutes, even searching through my code to find an error and fixing it for me! I’ve only been with SiteGround for about a month, but A+ so far.

  71. Siteground was the answer to my frustration maintaining my small website. The moment I approached them they were very welcoming and friendly and willing to help me in also difficult situation. The live chat support and specially the technical team are fantastic. They even explain you where the problem was and what they did to resolve the issue.
    Prompt friendly response and all the problem solved on the spot. I have used couple of other hosting, but I must honestly say Siteground by far is the best one.

    I have already recommended my friends and contacts to go for Siteground hosting.

    Keep up your good work and thank you for all the good work.


  72. Super helpful and considerate support! I was a bit lost on the set up process and they made it easy and made sure to give an amazing customer experience. Highly recommend !

  73. I have been trying to move my domain from my current local host to SG. I have had no end of problems with my local host. SG have been fantastic – they transferred my domain in a matter of minutes. If you are lucky enough to get Kamen G as the SG assistant.. you are guaranteed to get a world class service. Thanks Kamen G. SG you rock!

  74. Great customer support at Siteground: timely, friendly, available and definitely problem-solving. Five stars!

  75. Rositsa was great! Thank you! Needed to unpublish my site due to an emergency and she assisted right away. Very simple task if you will, but very important for someone who is not “techie” like me. Thank you!

  76. all reps have been outstanding . . .that includes Mirko, Kostadin, Plamena and now Anton . . .good job everyone great customer service

  77. Great customer support!

    I wouldn’t have managed to change host without them!
    The guys at live chat service are so helpful and patient.
    So happy to be with SiteGround.
    I now feel relaxed knowing that my site is in good hands.

    Many thanks

  78. I have just spent some early morning time chatting with Tanya and asking for her help and advise to pull together all my sites across GoDaddy and others. She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in all the weird requests and questions that I had. I am now a customer and will be migrating all my sites over. An excellent experience and one that I hope is a foretelling of a long term future relationship with SiteGround. Keep well, Prem

  79. After having suffered through the experiences our previous hosting provider gave us, and the aggravation of what they called customer support, it’s been an absolute breeze to deal with Siteground as a company and its people both in sales and customer support.

    It doesn’t matter what the problem is, what the challenge is, these people work with you. They think with you, they face challenges with you.

  80. I have worked with SiteGround in a number of different ways for several years now, from having small shared accounts to dozens of cloud VPS servers. I have also worked with many of the other top hosting companies in the industry.

    I believe that SiteGround is one of the top hosting companies in the industry:

    – They have fast customer support
    – They have an insanely talented technical team that goes above and beyond with patching issues
    – They care about security and performance

    Overall, I come back to them again and again for my hosting needs and recommend them to others.


  81. Totally blown away by the tech support response here at Siteground compared to my “other” hosting company Live chat is almost instantaneous and always courteous and helpful; tickets are responded to very quickly (within 10 minutes, compared to up to two weeks with my “other” hosting provider) and with competent replies.

    Any problems I’ve had have been because I’m not technically proficient in the world of hosting servers, and the tech people have resolved the issues quickly. I’m very impressed. And pleased.

  82. Absolutely superb customer support. They always reply to my tickets within 10 minutes, sometimes even immediately. They are very knowledgeable and always happy to help. I’ve tried many other hosting sites, but Siteground have been the best by far down to their customer support, hosting features, server speed, affordable pricing and overall friendliness!

    Thank you so much 🙂

  83. Started moving my websites to resellerclub to save some money. Support problems started right away, couldn’t login to my dedicated server without getting my ip blocked. 2 days later I’m purchasing the siteground dedicated server – more money but worth it because of the excellent support.

  84. Siteground chat help was beyond excellent! Concise and clear. The support tech seemed to know exactly what I needed, and even anticipated what I was about to ask next. I’m impressed.

  85. Ivan was awesome. I had convoluted issues on top of issues and he was patient and diligent in helping me get to the bottom of them. He rocks!

  86. Moved from site5 to siteground. My experience with working with the siteground team has been excellent !
    Site5 moved our site to a VPS server without giving much advance notice. Received back to back emails in a span of a couple of days and they went ahead and migrated our site during peak business hours. We lost a few store transactions.Very unprofessional approach.
    The same site has been since been migrated to siteground GoGeek shared hosting plan and our sites have been loading with blazing speeds so far. The technical support is almost instantaneous and all personnel seem to be very experienced. We use drupal and magento on our site.

  87. Their customer service has been absolutely brilliant so far. So helpful, quick and efficient when i’ve use the instant chat to get help. I am very happy that i chose Siteground. Would def recommend.

  88. Siteground has the best customer service and support there is. The chat support is super fast and the operators are patient to solve your problems. Rarely, have I ever been passed off or escalated to supervisor. Their operators are top notch!

    I am always looking to bring my customers over to Siteground.


  89. I must say that Siteground has the best support I’ve ever experienced. They are super fast, very polite and extremely competent. Simply amazing, you guys are the best I would never change this service.

  90. Fantastic and prompt support from the Siteground team. I’ve had several issues over the past 2 days and Siteground assisted me with all!

  91. Thanks Rusi Malinov for solving my rewrite issue so swiftly. I deal with support teams all the time and find that Siteground support is up in the top tier.

  92. Siteground provides the most effective support I’ve found. This time, I couldn’t fix a 500 Error on my website, even with the advanced tools that SiteGround provides. I had lost my site and couldn’t access it via cPanel because of Operator Error while changing .htaccess permissions. You guys fixed it in about a minute.

    I will do my best to stay out of trouble with WordPress, but if I mess up, I know my host provider has my back.

  93. Honestly Site ground is the best! I Was amazed by the customer support from this company as it is nothing i have ever seen before. It gave me a warm feeling that companies could give such an excellent customer service as this company did with me!

    Even with the simplest questions they helped me every time =), if you need a hosting company get this one.

    Especially thanks to Nayden N. never had such a laugh with a customer service agent as i did with him =D

  94. Customer Service is good. But I have major problems with their hosting. I get downtime everyday. Complained more than three times and nothing has changed. I am most likely going to have to change hosting due to the constant downtime!

  95. Siteground support is excellent.
    in case of any issue simply one has to post a ticket and issue will be resolved automatically by support team within few minutes.

  96. I have been using Siteground for over 3 years and have had nothing less than outstanding support. I highly recommend Siteground for hosting. There hosting is priced right and when you add in the support it is a Superior solution at a Superior value.

  97. I’m new with SiteGround and all I can say to date it’s been a wonderful experience working with its “go-out-of-the-way” to assist customers support and services. Keep up the good work!

  98. Paco was a lifesaver. I was in a tight spot, left by my developer basically to fend for myself. I came to SiteGround for help and Paco heard my problems and assured me they could help. I felt at ease immediately. He walked me through what I needed to do and in 10 min problem solved. I still have ways to go to fix things, but the toughest part, Paco helped me with. I feel more confident I can tackle the rest. Thanks Paco!!

  99. The guys at SiteGround are amazing with an amazing service. Here is my quick review about SiteGround hosting:

    1) Pricing is very affordable for the great features you receive. I have subscribed with the GrowBig plan with very reasonable price.
    2) The speed and caching services are wonderful. Additionally, installing WordPress and all other features was a blast.
    3) The user’s area is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can do anything from there in few steps.
    4) The resources and guides help you through everything you can imagine. There are a lot of tutorials to help you do whatever you want.
    5) The customer service is exceptional. I have opened several tickets and the response is very fast, professional, & effective. I consider myself a very picky person. Yet, SiteGround customer service amazed me.
    6) They provided me with full and easy transfer of all my WordPress contents and database from my previous host to them free of charge and in an outstanding speed. In fact, they followed me all through the way. They even did a lot of configuration to facilitate my job.

    All in all, this is the best hosting service I could imagine. I highly recommend them and I am very happy.

  100. I really like their support. The guy’s name whose name starts with B (Sorry, I forgot!) was great. Siteground’s customer support is the best. Affordable and from the reviews I’ve read very reliable.

  101. Very fast and helpful online technical support ! Can’t get any better. Its like having the best technical support team on your company.

  102. Being a complete novice at loading up webpages, I contacted the online chat for advice. The person I spoke to initially assumed I had a lot more knowledge of IT terms and technical expertise than I had, which was frustrating. However, after I explained that I didn’t understand any of the instructions she was giving me, she talked me through the process one step at a time very clearly and very calmly. About halfway through our chat I was quite prepared to end the conversation and cancel my brand new subscription to SiteGround but because of the adviser’s patience and recognition of my lack of expertise, I have decided to stay. Well done her!

  103. Fast and easy support through chat! I have been using siteground for our website since 2011 and have been very pleased. Never any hassles and anytime I have a question they answer it quickly and without difficulty!

  104. Fantastic guy if I may say. Although I can’t tell whether my issue has been resolved cos am not at the office noe. however, he played his part well.

  105. Thanks to everyone at Siteground,

    Everyone at Siteground is incredibly helpful and instructive. No matter what I don’t understand they are patient and easy to follow. I had another host and could never get anyone to help me. What a difference Siteground makes.

  106. This Customer Support Team and Technical Support Team is the BEST! Wow! Fast, efficient, knowledgeable. I thought I’d try one site with Siteground and I was so impressed I’m moving ALL my sites over. Nothing I could say says more than that!

  107. My first time in having to contact customer service and 5 out of 5 stars… I would say that my issue of not being able to connect cute FTP to upload files was caused by a Control Panel password of 24 characters. When I reduced it to 20 the FTP upload worked. So perhaps you can remind people of the maximum allowed characters for passwords

  108. Very rarely am I impressed with customer support people, however I’m consistently impressed with SiteGround’s support.

    Their support staff are from Europe, speak excellent English, and do things which make my life as a customer easier.

    For example, I had an issue which the technician on the chat couldn’t solve. He advised me to raise a ticket, but I was off in another web browser tab, doing some thing else. As the chat was going to time-out and close, he told me that he had raised the ticket on my behalf.


  109. Ervin H. went far and beyond to assist me with overcoming some technical challenges with my website due to my inexperience. I can’t thank him enough. I hope someone higher up in his company sees my feedback. That’s the least I can do to thank him. Few hours of struggle solved in 1 minute with Ervin H.

  110. Kate was awesome….
    She helped with Cloudflare, set me up with SuperCache and answered a bunch of other questions. Never got this much quality from Bluehost. Keep it up Kate.

    Glad I switched to SiteGround.

  111. I thought that switching hosting companies was going to be a pain, but it was so simple. Fill out a few questions and this company takes care of the rest. It is so easy! I am very excited to be working with them as my hosting provider.

  112. I’m not an existing customer of Siteground, but I had some questions so I used the online chat and it was a great experience. I have waited less than a minute before the chat begins. All I have to say is that It was a good first impression of this hosting company. Keep your great support like that, Siteground!

  113. Just investigating today. Stanislav may have earned my best customer service experience ever. Seriously, personable and helpful and knowledgeable. I will be a customer soon.

  114. Ivan Georgiev helped me through the online chat this morning and provided fantastic customer support. He helped me transfer my domain name from NetworkSolutions and made sure that my IP addresses and email, etc stayed perfectly up to speed throughout the process. As long as Siteground keeps up their fantastic customer support and employing people like Ivan Georgiev, then I’ll keep coming back to use their services. Thanks, Ivan! -Kevin B.

  115. Miroslav was patient, took the time to answer my 1000 questions and provided the best support possible. Couldnt have asked for more!

  116. All of SiteGround’s service representatives are always excellent, but today I had the pleasure of being helped by Hristina, who was AMAZING. Thank you, Hristina! And good job SiteGround, for hiring good people and for your excellent customer service.

  117. The support service at Siteground is simply the best there is! I have never received such outstanding responses in such a timely manner from any other organization of any kind. Each of the support folks have enthusiastically and patiently responded to each of my requests regardless of how simple or complex they may have been. The best part is that they always come up with the perfect solution! Thanks, folks!


  118. Siteground is the best hosting company I’ve worked with. I’ve been through many over the 23 years I have been building websites. The tech support is fast and accurate. I did a lot of research before I put all my sites on their servers and it paid off. I have never been disappointed.

  119. Gergana M. helped me over the live chat just now. My website transfer was taking longer than I expected and I was worried that something had gone wrong. Gergana explained what the process involved and set my mind at ease. She also further explained how to change settings in phpmyadmin so that I can test my site on a temporary domain first. Really glad she did because I thought I knew and I was completely wrong!!! Many thanks again, Gergana!

  120. Amazing support from SiteGround. Named Ivan, Today he was made a perfect experiences for me. i just asking before i choose to order or no. 30 Minutes live chat for guest and i chat with many question and he resolve very fast.
    outstanding live chat service who don’t need to wait for any questions and support. Five Billion Stars for siteground.

  121. Siteground is the ultimate service provider in the industry. One of the most amazing things about them is their wonderful support team. No matter what time of the day or weekend or holiday, whenever you need them they are available to help until solving a problem. I have never seen such a great support. I strongly recommend using their services.

  122. Nikolay P. helped me move my website from BlueHost today and he was so helpful. I had terrible customer service experience at BlueHost and Nikolay turned it all around!

  123. the best hosting ever , the best customer support ever.. they just dont stop after resolving your issue, these experts tell you what went wrong , make you understand , aware how to avoid in future… just awesome experience

  124. The technical and support staff never cease to amaze me. They ALWAYS have quick and concise answers to all my questions! I’ve never left with an unanswered question. And I have always been satisfied with the results. Thank you SiteGround!!

  125. Ivan P helped me with a lot of question and upgrading my hosting package. very knowledgable and helped me through the process. Thanks Siteground,

  126. Plamena A. was courageous, persistant and patient. I thank you for not abandoning me and getting me through what was a complete minefield for me.
    Plamena A. is a real treasure on your team.
    my first experience with SiteGround was positive with Serko, then negative with me being landed in IT country and then positive as Plamena A. rescued me. 🙂

  127. Hello,
    I had searched for a professional web hosting for 6 months. After 3 months of reading reviews here and there i selected in the beginning hostgator for 2 months then i switched to Bluehost with a 12 months plan.
    During my first week with Bluehost, I received a dozen of emails from Jetpack about the downtime of my website. After waiting for around 1 or 2 hours to reach online support on Bluehost, they simply answered that it was an upgrade. The day after, my website was down again and then after complaining to them i switched to their cloud….The same issue of downtime which was enervating me a lot. Another issue, the cpanel log me out many times and they have problems in AWSTATS and Webalizer which are not working…
    After closing my account, i was thinking to switch back to hostgator but i was hesitating until i concluded alone on siteground alone without any referral.
    Since i switched to Siteground, I didn’t receive any alert from JETPACK that my site is down…
    I am happy with siteground,
    I am satisfied (prices and services).
    Siteground’s staff will touch your heart….

  128. WOW, your service just made me day. You took a problem off my desk in a matter of minutes which allowed me to focus on my business and not worry about tech issues I do not understand.

    thank you for your assistance, I will recommend your company to all of my associates Kirk K

  129. I decide to change the hosting of my web site from the actual italian company to Site Ground and I receive a great support to decide and to choose the right plan, with a professional customer care.
    Now we await the activation af all service, I am thrilled to see how it will work the website on the site ground servers!

  130. Emanuel was amazing… he contacted me in no time, was most helpful, and got me back up and running in no time, I cannot begin to explain how impressed and relieved I am! I am so grateful 🙂

  131. The Support Staff at Siteground is excellent to work. They’re knowledgeable, fast and efficient. I feel fortunate to be able to collaborate with them!

  132. D. was very helpful……….professional and clear……….he helped me install the SSL certificate on my new server…..was very kind and helpful.
    Thank you D……..


  133. Absoloutely wonderful service – helped restore my site, offered many useful resources, fast and efficient and solved all my issues. This is why I love Siteground!!!

  134. As per our friends at SimplerWebs (because of too many problems and slow website), I just moved our website, from BlueHost to SiteGround and the transfer (website content and domain) was quick and I didn’t have to do a thing! When I needed assistance in adding a feature to our website (Not related to hosting) I got Pavlin, through the chat, in less than 4 seconds! Pavlin was exceptional, and properly walked me through adding the feature even though he kindly offered to do it for me but I told him, kindly, that I need to learn how to do things! Everything went according to plan and in less than 2 minutes! Thank you Pavlin, and every SG Team for making the move painless and getting up and running in no time! Just tested the website with GTmetrix and now, we got 2 A’s score cards for the PageSpeed Score and the YSlow Score!

  135. What a professional. This is my second use of customer service today. Problem solved within three minutes. He gave me a tutorial URL to help with my situation. Made me one happy customer!

  136. Great Chat, patient, knowledgeable and informative. I will be purchasing the website I need from SiteGround because of all the great assistance from Svetoslav S

  137. Thanks. As a very non technical wp user, I am being educated by you folks at “Siteground”. This gives an opportunity to be in charge of the security of my website, with you folks as my ‘goto’ technical help. My site has been hacked many times over the past year and I have almost thought of abandoning it. But I think that gradually I’m am gaining enough knowledge to prevent further problems. At least I know that if I get hacked again, that I have the correct tools in place to get back up and running. Thanks again.

  138. This is the best customer service I have ever received from a hosting company online chat. Your representative went out of his way to find out what my exact needs are. I wish there were more like him! I will most likely switch my service because of this service and because of the outstanding articles I have found over the years that came from this hosting company. Great job!

  139. I have had a variety of issues and questions and the support has always been absolutely fantastic. They are fast, courteous, and always get the job done right. I am very happy with the service I have received thus far.

  140. I have built several Joomla websites in recent years, and hosted one of them with Siteground just to check out their hosting services. I am so impressed that I am transferring my main site to Siteground immeiately. Their service and support is just superb. Thank you Siteground.

  141. Konstatin (sorry if I spelled that wrong) was the most helpful and nice customer support help I think I’ve ever received. I will be now purchasing your web hosting because of this.
    I work in customer service and this was BEAUTIFUL! Please give him the praise he deserves.

  142. As always there is someone “at the other end” that knows what they talk about, and what Siteground offer of services.
    Even with 14 in line before me, I only waited 1-2 minutes and could ask all my questions.

    Everything got answered – whereever possible I got a link to a guide Siteground had already created (i just didnt look).

    Super help by Tasos

  143. Very helpful from all at Siteground, more than happy..still trying to sort out my FTP problem (getting info from my old site with who obviously are not at all helpful…..just don’t want to give the info), ……but Siteground chat is getting me there .

  144. I had a issue with my blog in wordpress and didn’t know if it was a backend problem or hosting technical issue. I used the Assistance via Chat and it has been very helpful, professional and fast. So happy with Siteground service!

  145. I am always amazed at how nice and freaking fast the customer service is. Seriously. Never have I had to wait more than 3 minutes on hold. I chose siteground because of the reviews on the support. I’ll tell you what…don’t regret one thing about it.

    You guys are great.

  146. For me, understanding the technical jargon is like a foreign language. Vladislava K was a brilliant interpreter who took me through the process one step at a time. I really appreciate her patience and her expertise. Thank you Vladislava – you’re a treasure!

  147. Ivan was very helpful and took the initiative not just to tell me what changes could be made, but to make those changes for me. Very impressed with all of the tech support from SiteGround!

  148. The best and the fastest service everr…. I never seen hosting company like this…. They are the bestt

  149. I opened an account with SiteGround a few days ago. My main website was migrated successfully by the support team but I encountered a few technical problems (one of which was unresolved by my previous hosting company – HostGator). All of these problems were resolved amazingly quickly by SiteGround support technicians/gurus who obviously know WordPress inside out. Congratulations SiteGround.

  150. I am using Siteground for almost 12 months now. Their chat help is really good, I got answered in less than 30 seconds and the people working there is friendly, quick and helpful. Well done

  151. Wasn’t a customer of theirs, however had trouble sending an email to one of their customers. Used the live chat and within in a few minutes they had resolved the issue. Was very surprised on the first call resolution and the ability for the technician to make the desired changes to the back end systems without escalation.

  152. Ivan P. was very very helpful! not only he replied quickly and precisely but also figured out the best way to save money get the best result. A very nice experience.

  153. Pavlin, helped me straight away and solved the issue within a couple of minutes. I’ve always experienced really good quality service from siteground and I’ve been with siteground now for 2 years. Thanks again for the awesome customer experience you deliver!!! keep it up!!!

  154. I was helped by a number of the Siteground Support Guru’s and due to my shocking lack of technical skills and the fact my developer wasn’t available at the time of my particular issue the team carried out the server change AND the required change to ensure my site was kept running perfectly throughout. I wasn’t expecting such a great service and I was blown away when I got it – plus they were much quicker than I expected. I can’t say how happy I am with their support as it has left me speechless – you may think that this sounds over the top, but when you can’t do anything about a situation yourself and the person you normally rely on isn’t around it really is a huge relief to have these guys step up to help keep everything going. Thanks so much to each and everyone of you that was involved.

  155. I have been with a lot of hosting companies the last 15 years. I must say that with Siteground I have found a company far beyond the quality level of everything I experienced before. The response time of the support team is amasing fast, I don’t know how they do that at day and night, and the performance of the hardware is also really great. Thank you siteground and the team, hold on with this concept!

  156. Boris answered all my questions quickly and efficiently.
    He was friendly and seemed (through text) genuinely happy to help.
    Thanks Boris!

  157. The tech support is off the chain man. They were very fast to help me resolve my minor SSL concerns and directly implemented changes to make everything run smoothly. Great service, thank you!

  158. Ervin was the best experience I ever had on an online chat tech support conversation. He was VERY helpful, quite genuine and UNSCRIPTED. What a welcome change. No buyers remorse so far going with SiteGround….

  159. Siteground’s techs are fantastic. They take great care in fixing and answering any and all questions and do whatever it takes to get our sites back up to speed

  160. Excellent experience. Quick answer on chat connection and great assistance in switching from Arvixe. I hope this level of service continues.

  161. Pretty sure I talked to four different support people today – the two most recent Miguel and Ivan. All four of the people I worked with today were amazing, my chat request was opened within 10 seconds of me clicking the button, and my issues and questions were resolved quickly and effectively.

    Best customer support ever!

  162. Well all I can say is that SiteGround has some of the best Customer Care and Techs around, that is why I have stayed with them for 10 years, I have been to the others and this staff is always a notch above the rest!

  163. Siteground offers the best support hands down. I can rely on fast and extremely competent help whenever I need it. Support is friendly and they are experts at what they do. You all have saved my rear many a time. Thanks for the great service

  164. I have used Siteground for many years now, and the service and the support have been fantastic. Every time i have had a problem Siteground always helped me solve it in a short while. I highly recommend them.

  165. I continue to be amazed and impressed with the exceptionally high level of customer service I receive from Siteground. Even after I have signed up and paid, they still treat me like a VIP. Excellent !!!!!

  166. I am a prospective customer and Stanislav G. spent nearly an hour with me answering all the questions I had about reseller hosting options. He was extremely patient, thorough, and helpful. If he is representative of the remainder of SiteGround’s employees, I am sure I will have a great experience with SiteGround. I will be signing up asap. Thanks!

  167. Have been with them as a customer for a couple of months now. Performance is great, security updates are timely, and support is unparalleled. Big thumbs up.

  168. Absolutely amazing tech support, 2nd to none. I am so happy with my switch to siteground. I know NOTHING about computers and they make it super easy… TY guys so much.

  169. I love their support! I could not solve the problem for two weeks, they solved it for 30 minutes! Thanks for your hardworking!

  170. Nikolay is an amazing and very high level communicator! Answered all of my questions with clarity and humor! Made the excruciating process of website migration actually fun! Kudos to SiteGround support! I’m looking forward to the next time I need help! 🙂

  171. The assistance at SiteGround has always need prompt and clear. You don’t need to be a programmer to get things done with this company.

  172. I tried a few things out and i didn’t understand what i did wrong, in just ten minutes my problems were fixed and i had a working site! So nice that they help you, even when you might feel stupid about things you don’t understand, they don’t give you that feeling, they are just so customer friendly and willing to help 🙂

  173. SiteGround provides the best support ever for an hosting company we have worked with. Highly recommend them…

  174. Fantastic Online Support from Simeon Boev
    Chat support Operator for resolving a rather serious issue with my website that took me all day to investigate. Very prompt and friendly, great support thank you.,

  175. Amazing support – spoke with an Ervin H. and was impressed enough to begin switching my entire operation of over a dozen sites from BlueHost (booo) over to SiteGround (hooray)!

  176. Hello,

    From last 8 months, I have been using SiteGround to host my big coupon sites as well as my amazon micro niche sites and i have been very much impressed with their service.

    Specially their support, as they have very good staff with good technical knowledge.

    A few months ago, I got some technical issues with my WordPress website, so i had to contact SiteGround Support staff for the help and within few hours of opening a support ticket, my problem was solved.

    So, after 8 months, I can say, SiteGround is one of the best when it comes to Reliable Web Hosting. I also written a review on my website to tell more people about this hosting company so that they can leave all those ugly hosting companies and migrate to SiteGround for better service.

    And I must say, you have written your points very clearly in this review. Great Work Done.

    Julie Schrier

  177. Site ground hosting for our wordpress sites was the single best decision we’ve made since putting a website in 2004. After discovering the ease to publish on a wordpress site, hosting seemed to always be problematic for our sites when we were on Midphase. Now, we rarely experience downtime and enjoy reliable and dependable support.

  178. Thier support is very good, offers are great. I can even earn free months if I refer someone. SSL is free, almost every other hosting you have to buy it. I’m more than happy with their hosting. I would recommend SiteGround hosting.

  179. Ive only come for pre-sale enquirers but the service alone has nearly sold me; especially compared to the shoddiness i got from ipage hosts.

  180. I asked Tina to help me organizing my sites into one user account, and she accomplished that in what seemed to be the blink of an eye. She was knowledgeable, professional and polite.

    Others should emulate her style.

    Thanks Tina

  181. Par excellence, i needed to know how to delete my wordpress site, she explained how to do it and then offered to do it for me at her end. I am very impressed with her enthusiasm.

  182. Just been helped again by Teodor at siteground ! Nothing is too much trouble for the help team and every problem has always been resolved satisfactorily !! 1000 thumbs up

  183. I don’t know what to say but they are the best for years now! I can’t believe it but they maintain their excellence constantly. I’m with SiteGround for over 4 years now and they have never failed me. Even today I had to transfer a domain to SiteGround and as usual they where fast and good!

  184. Despite of the renewal price is not applicable to my budget,
    but I cant leave Siteground Supporting Services and all of the cust representatives.
    You are such helpful and patient people for newbie people like me.

  185. Twice in one night and the service was beyond excellent. Being a total dunce, they have taken the time and extra effort to educate a novice (understatement) and help me get my site cleaned and back up

  186. Re :-

    “Your guy” fixed the problem pretty quick :- “Noice” as we say DownUnder.

    Solution was to update my password – possibly as a result of Youse-guys
    migrating my account to another server a few days ago.

    Whatever, “the dogs have barked, and the caravan can now move on” 😉

    – Gary

  187. Excellent and fast support. Website transferred very fast, in just in 2 hours! I just provided the details for the server and they done everything, without any intervention from our side! Keep like this guys!

  188. Really happy of how Doroteya responded to my queries. She even extended help by asking further related question. With that, I may move my domain registration to Siteground 60 days from now.


  189. Stefan helpt me with a memory problem. Perfect assistance and helping till the problem was fixed. Perfect Help

    A verry big THANK YOU to Stefan and the rest of the team. Siteground knows the business of WordPress hosting as the best.

  190. No second guessing after changing my hosting service from the frustrated experience of the previous company.

    No chat assistance, no ticket assistance…..

    SG is there by your side to assist you 24/7! Surely as I did, you won’t regret it 😉 !

  191. Some of the things i love about siteground support personnel is their politeness and patience and willingness to refer problems to other specialists in siteground where needed . we all know how fast to reply they are but these other
    thanks Toma Tetimov recently and too many others to mention in last few years

  192. Evgeni Z is awesome! He is quick with support and knowledgeable of what is possible and what is not! His type of support is the reason I stay with SiteGround!

  193. I am in the process of actually starting my business website, and though I’ve been paying another host company a monthly fee for several years, I’m shopping for a different host per the recommendations of my WordPress class instructor. So I did the live chat, and Kaloyan G. helped me understand what would be involved. He was very timely in his responses, and gave me thorough information. I was very pleased with the live chat process, and am going to use this new hosting company!

  194. Very kind and helpful, Gergana M. solved my problem and she taught me how to fix it if it were to happen again. thanks very much 🙂

  195. I am thoroughly impressed by Siteground’s excellent customer service. Of course, their hosting system works well, but solid customer service, to me, is essential. I love how it’s so easy to get help right away via chat, email or telephone. Time and time again, Siteground has proven to me that they truly care about their clients. I’m grateful to have them as my hosting company for my businesses.

  196. Before signing up I had heard about the great customer service. It truly is outstanding. Can’t thank Stelios and Emil (my customer service reps) enough for their great help!

  197. Miroslav T has been awesome in helping me. I was stuck trying to log in but the site didn’t let me log in. Miroslav T took care of everything and assisted me to log in to my account

  198. I have developed 4 websites using WordPress and Siteground. There’s always a little detail that needs to be ironed out. Whenever I have gone to online chat for tech help, everyone is very friendly and helpful. The longest problem I had to work on took perhaps 40 minutes of chat. Most of the time I can get my questions answered and problems resolved in 10 minutes or so. I’m not an advanced user, but I’m not a beginner, either. And yet I’m not spoken down to, nor is everything way over my head. Somehow, the SiteGround tech chat always seems to strike just the right balance and tone. I’ve recommended them to others who are looking to start up a website.

  199. I’ve been using Siteground for about 2 months and during that time I have had to use their support several times due to WordPress configuraton issues, each time their support have been extremely helpful and they do appear to go that extra mile to ensure that my website is running as it should.

    Today I had a problem with logging into WordPress and the help I received from Georgi Tsveltkov was outstanding,

    I can honestly say that with Siteground it is like someone holding your hand, and I would urge anyone seeking hosting to sign up with them and their incredible support.

  200. Kolyo B. was very efficient and able to solve my unfortunate mistake of overlooking my CMS admin credential setup. In just a few minutes, and no waiting to start chat, I had my problem resolved. Coming from a previous hosting provider (EIG) this is a breath of fresh air.

  201. The best support I have ever had! I’m very new to website design and SiteGround’s 24/7 Live Chat is unparalleled. I request a chat and within a minute I am chatting with a support representative who answers all my questions simply and with no jargon, taking me through the process step-by-step. I’ll definitely be recommending SiteGround to anyone who wants to build a website 🙂

  202. Sieground are good. Things do go wrong, but with siteground, even if they do Siteground still gets it right. Judge a company by how it handles problems. Big fan of SiteGround. Great Service much better than so many IT Corportaes that is for sure!

  203. Excellent support for my 1st time experience. Having provided this support in my career, Ebru was very helpful and proactive in providing the information I would need without having to ask.

  204. That Sales Rep of 2014, hands down is going to be sales rep of 2017 too! He was a legend in the making, and now is the greatest! He was the only one to help fix my problem, and got a nice upgrade in the process. Thanks again for the help!

  205. helpful and understanding when I asked to see proof that backups existed in cPanel. I’ve been burned before at another host and yours was very understanding of my concern.

  206. These guys are amazing.
    Same service like Site5 before they were bought over to EIG.
    They fix any and all problems in a mater of minutes.
    Super fast at replying to their trouble tickets.
    Love these guys!

  207. I am a pretty new SiteGround customer, having moved my accounts here from HostGator as well as a local hosting company. I have plans to set up a reseller account and move some of my clients here, as well.

    I’m not the most tech-savvy person in the world, but I know just enough to make me dangerous. I had a few tech-related issues on two separate sites and was feeling pretty frustrated. I signed on to a chat with Dimtar and he was able to take care of everything in a matter of minutes. Very helpful, very friendly. This makes me feel really good about my decision to bring my stuff over to SiteGround.

    Thanks for the excellent service! I really appreciate it.

  208. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The theme says it needs resources, my account says I’m at max resources.. the helpdesk said “hey, here’s a workaround, let’s try it..” .. and we did, and it worked and all were happy.

    To me, this is gold.

    Thank you for having my back.


  209. Great experience with the representative. He went the extra mile to try to resolve my issue. I always have a great experience with Siteground. I highly recommend them to my clients because their customer service is superb.

  210. New customer here and can’t be happier so far. They answer super fast and are really helpful for those of us who are at kindergarten level with regard to tech.

  211. Ivan was extremely helpful and patient. He was able to decipher my gibberish and get my problem resolved. I am brand new to siteground but based on this experience, I am very happy with my choice for webhosting!

  212. I really should have left a review sooner as I’ve been with Siteground since 09. You have always been brilliant with customer service and I ALWAYS recommend your services to my peers and new clients.

    There are some technical things that arent always straightforward to me but i appreciate the kind and patient staff, even though i myself aren’t always patient.

    I really appreciated Alessandros perserverance today when I needed to buy new domains and pay with my iDeal card having recently moved to NL. He made it work and I appreciate the time taken.

    Siteground’s customer service cannot be compared!

    Thank you.

  213. Just when I think SG cannot surpass their high levels of customer service, they come through again and go above and beyond.

    This time I needed help with seeing an add-on domain. The rep was patient and explained things to me and then offered to install WordPress on both of my domains. This was a huge barrier (for me) and now it’s done in less than 5 minutes total. I feel confident and prepared to install my theme and get my pages up and running.

    Can’t say enough great things about this service!

  214. You know the best thing I liked about SiteGround?

    Whenever I chat to a technical person/customer support executive, I can see his/her photograph instead of some blank avatar staring at my face. This makes the connection more human. I feel like being taken care of by a more experienced and friendly person who knows how to solve any problem I might have with my website.

    Really great support by SiteGround!
    Avdhesh Tondak

  215. Fantastic support. Everything I needed was easily answered and communicated in a way that made me feel really comfortable! Thank you 🙂

  216. We are VERY happy with the support we receive from SiteGround. They answer their tickets quickly and go beyond the call of duty to help with issues. Highly recommend them!

  217. Very good response to the issue, but Siteground need to ask their clients do they want an Auto Update of their WordPress Site as it causes problems, time and Money when your site is down.

  218. If you submit a ticket to their Support, you’d better stay in front of your computer, because they usually answer in seconds. They are kind and helpful, and they help you with WordPress issues you might have. Just great!

  219. Absolutely love working with SiteGround. I’ve tried so many other providers and never had the ease of mind and amazing customer support than I have with SiteGround. Really recommend them!

  220. SiteGround support is second to one in my experience of service providers. Superior response and always able to get a resolution via a brilliant and ‘almost no wait time’ Livechat service. I always know that I will be OK when I engage – unlike some other services I use. 20/10 service – Thanks a lot SiteGround – you rock!!!

  221. The migration process of my websites has been done perfect. The technical support was excellent and very fast. Everything is working perfect.
    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards

  222. Siteground has the best support I’ve ever experienced.

    The three times I’ve contacted them I was talking to a knowledgeable person within 10 seconds. They answed my questions quickly and got me on my way.

    Great stuff!

  223. The last few weeks I’ve been moving a number of large complex websites to siteground. There have been a few hiccups because of the complexity, but actually, I’ve had fewer problems than I expected and all of them have been resolved quickly and properly.
    The support staff here is top notch. They know what they’re doing and they know how to explain it so I can do it next time. I’ve noticed a habit of going above and beyond and being proactive about issues that could be a problem later.

  224. As has proven true throughout the decade or so that I’ve hosted websites with SiteGround, the support provided by the team once again has been exceptional. My most recent issue was upgrading a website using Joomla 1.5. By creating an entirely new website in a subfolder, I was able to have access to both old and new. When it came time to remove the old and have the domain point to the new website, the Technical Support Team was there for me.

    I really do appreciate that you are all so helpful and considerate. I hope to add another decade of web hosting to my experience with you.

  225. The support I get from SiteGround rep’s is second to none. Always outstanding, prompt, and resolves issues with no problems. Can’t be beat.

  226. He was such a help … I have been trying to fix this issue before but no fix just band aids. I am still waiting for technical help from Site Ground but so far he was really responding and also made me feel like everything was under control and I will get a solution.

    Thank you

  227. I’ve been with SiteGround now for about 10 days and I am blown away by the amazingly fast, accurate, helpful, and pleasant CSRs. Tier 1 CSRs are great, but they don’t hesitate to bump a problem to Tier 2 — and before I ask. Many of the problems I’ve encountered since the switchover from my old hosting company have been the result of odd lines of code inserted in unexpected places by the former host. Annoying? Yes, but only for the short amount of time it takes the SiteGround bloodhounds to track down and fix the problem.

    SG tech support: “Too good to be true”? No, scratch that; change it to: “So good, it has to be SiteGround.” Thanks, Stanimira, and every other CSR who has made this transition a super-positive experience!

  228. I had a problem and was freaking out but the live chat feature is just out of this world!
    i’m new to hosting but i doubt theres something like Site Ground out there.

  229. Best Support. Within Seconds he understood my concern and resolved it without any hesitation. Impressed with expertise.

  230. Penka was simply incredibly kind and patience. She answered all my questions and went beyond her duties to help me. I will direcly create an account with you guys and become your new client 🙂

  231. Boris K was patient and really put my mind at rest. I thought I was going to have to forget about having a website for the future but he explained without being too techy that the existing plan would suit my needs. I am usually a techie person myself in I.T. but didn’t want to have to spend time faffing about with being constantly scared of going over my limit. This sales guy was awesomeness personnified. Thank you for having such a great team.

  232. Amazing customer support team. Friendly staff, very fast support replies and different help environment from the rest. Great prices too. What more do you need? I guess I am going to be sticking here for a very long time.

    I am happy I joined here and I cant wait to get my project running.

  233. Solved my problem immediately. No complaints from me; he shows the good service I’ve come to espect from every member at Siteground, and I’ve never been disappointed. I don’t know what you’re feeding these guys but if it makes them this good, I’d like to have some too lol

  234. Siteground customer service has been quick, friendly, and they resolved all my issues perfectly. I transferred my websites from another host and they made the process very easy. They were always ready to help when I called with questions and I didn’t have to wait long to speak to a real person.

  235. Tervel K – A very good listener and with the products from SiteGround has provided my with security in my future plans. So in 5 weeks time my new project will be starting from the Ground up with SiteGround as the base.

    Thank you very much for your help Tervel

  236. Ivaylo was very patient and solved an extremely annoying problem with my email as the spam filter was too aggressive.
    I can’t recommend him highly enough. I would give him 10 stars if I could! Absolutely brilliant.

  237. Siteground is the by far the best web hosting company that I have ever used! I have tried Bluehost, iPage and Go Daddy and they all fall woefully short when compared to the excellent service I get with Siteground. The technical staff and the customer care reps are very knowledgeable, friendly and very quick to respond. I love the fact that Siteground offers free website transfer and that they always respond very quickly to queries. You can’t ask for a better Web host than Siteground. I would recommend Siteground to everyone!

  238. Just hat another fantastic support from SiteGround, this time from George.
    Gave me the support i needed within a few minutes. Top.
    Good, Bettter, SiteGround.

  239. Everytime I have needed to contact the Siteground support team they have been incredibly quick, extremely helpful and very efficient and have always sorted out and answered any questions/issues remarkable quickly.
    I have never experienced support like this from previous hosts that I used.

  240. Ervin, really professional and patience. I asked question for almost for an hour, he clears my concerns within second.

  241. solved my issue first time – hardly had to wait to be connected – I think it was pretty much instantaneous!! and Kostadin was great!

  242. As always, great customer support!!
    I bought a new domain and didn’t know why I couldn’t access the new domain in my hosting.
    I contacted live chat, and the staff, Levis J, promptly took a look into my issue and set things up for me!
    And not just that, he also taught me how to do it myself just in case I buy more domains and want to set things up myself in the future.
    I’m so happy with Siteground. Not just I now have the most sophisticated technical feature services, in my personal opinion, but their support team is just so amazing as well!!

  243. Excellent service, great help and a joy to work with, that is how I would describe Siteground.
    Even so that I strongly recommend it to friends and people I meet who want to setup their own website,
    and with servers in Europe there is no giving in to speed, the websites load fast.
    Also the technical knowledge that the people at Siteground have is a great value if you want some help or assistance,
    I did a few chats with their support team and they are all fantastic.

  244. My support agent was Antonia and I had a great experience with her. I used to work in support for Google and I know how the work is. So I have to say that Antonia was excellent she explained everything to me very simple and she answered every question. Antonia thank you I feel very happy to know that my hosting provider has amazing support!

  245. Amazing Support! I have a busy day today but the support was so good that I had to take a moment to show my appreciation.

  246. I just had a few questions while looking to move to Siteground.

    Just with the online chat, a few things stood out. My call was connected instantly (and Im not even a customer yet). My questions were answered quickly, accurately and were easy to understand. There was a picture of who I was talking to (which in the internet world is a basic but important way of setting up trust and rapport – yet hardly anyone has the guts to do it), and I could send a transcript of my call to myself afterwards.

    So these my seem like little things. Maybe they are, but for me it’s a sure sign of how the company is run. Try a few other competitors, see if they give the same initial impression. I couldnt find any.

    On top of that was the pricing for what you get is very good.

    And I havent even tried technical support yet!

    Next thing is to become a customer, which is now happening. Im looking forward to confirming my suspicions that this is a great company to host with.

  247. I am very happy to recommend SiteGround hosting services.
    Without fail their support staff are informed, helpful & polite. They provide up to date easy to access tools & services but without doubt, it is the ease of access to support and the great staff that makes it easy to recommend them.

  248. Every time I chat with the support team I’m blown away by their speed, knowledge and friendly attitude – and it’s available 24/7, with hardly any wait time. The very best support team. Thank you for leaving a great impression! You’ve won a long time customer.

  249. Exceptional and fast expert support. I’m impressed by how solution-centred it is and most issues are dealt with quickly. I moved my sites from a dedicated server and clients are saying their sites are loading faster, which is true, thanks to a partnership with CloudFlare and Siteground’s own page-loading technology, which comes free with your account. I’ve noticed many other improvements: ftp-ing is faster and I don’t have to clear my browser history to see graphic changes, which I often had to do before.

    I’m paying less than half of what I was paying before, especially with the fall in the pound against the dollar (my previous host is based in the US), I was anxious about moving my sites as they are a combination of WordPress, phpBB3 and ‘static’ Dreamweaver sites but Siteground moved most of them for me effortlessly, so I would heartily recommend them if you are looking for a new home for your websites – or just a good reliable deal if you only have one website.

    Bryan James

  250. don’t usually leave replies but this is the third or 4th time i’ve contacted support and as usual they’ve been very helpful.

  251. Really efficient at solving problems. I’m always very impressed with SiteGround support. There is no other like them.

  252. i talked with “Anastas K ” he is so helpful. i love the support team of Siteground they wait for you to make sure you are satisfied.

  253. One of the main reasons we decided to go with SiteGround hosting was the awesome reviews we read on the internet about their stellar customer service. I’m glad to tack more positive feedback on because they really are great at what they do. If you have an issue it’s safe to expect they’ll be back to you in a few minutes with the solution. Keep up the good work!

  254. First of all, SiteGround support chat is available at lunchtime in Brisbane, Australia on Sunday. Heaven knows what time it is where the support agent is located.
    Second, he gently and quickly led nooby-me through MX settings (webmail on my domain registrar, hosting by Siteground).
    Third, SiteGround is quite cool that their clients keep mail somewhere else.
    My first support encounter – I only signed up yesterday. It gives me great encouragement that I’ve made the right choice in building with WordPress on SiteGround rather than the on-the-face-of it easier for noobies Squarespace or Six.

  255. After stuffing around trying to so a simple thing in my Cpanel, I have up and asked for help. Fixed in seconds by someone who knows how. So appreciative! Siteground support is always awesome.

  256. The technician provide great service. The transfer of the Domain Name registration went smoothly.
    I had all the pieces of information and access to things required, but I was happy to have someone do the transfer as I waited just to be sure.

  257. Wow I love the customer service and tech support from Siteground! I recently tried to login to an old WordPress site I manage for a client and my notes on the custom login page were incorrect. They provided several options on how to fix it, but luckily they spotted my mistake and informed how to correct it and we got it taken care of in minutes! I love Siteground and highly recommend them.

  258. Tech support is excellent, very helpful 95% of the time, as opposed to most other hosting company I’ve used, which range from about 10% (an offshore big hosting company) to 80%. The staff get things done and get things explained, I almost always give 5 stars after chat sessions and support tickets.

    I’ve transferred a few of my sites to SG, and so far all except one were smooth transfers.

  259. Great tech support. I had to contact them twice, and both times the problem was resolved in minutes!

  260. I just set up hosting with SiteGround for one site — just to check it out and see if the great reviews I’d heard really pan out.

    Have to say that the first experience was an excellent one. Martin Vulchev helped get our order in and explained very clearly — no tech jargon! — how to go about rebuilding and updating an old static site on SiteGround while leaving the old version live on the old host.

    The whole process only took a few minutes and was much easier than anything I’ve experienced with several previous hosts. If things continue this way, I’ll be delighted to switch our over sites over soon, too. Thank you, Martin!

  261. I love it when they ask what you really need, what you want to acomplish – and then they find another way to do it!

  262. Helpful, can help fix problems quickly. Best Hosting company tech support.
    Thanks to siteground I did not Break the internet and everyone in the world can still enjoy watching netflix or cute kitties videos on youtube!!

  263. My experience with Customer Service was fast, easy, and enjoyable. I got into a chat right away, and rep was very knowledgeable about what I was asking. I was going to sign up with them due to their reputation and services, but Customer Service was also a big selling point for me.

  264. New to siteground and wordpress. Been a Weebly person. Love Siteground Chat! Great hand holding and help!
    Thanks Chat!

  265. Just became a SiteGround customer a few days ago, after some days of surveying all different options and service providers. I started with a hosting account and one domain. In a few days I transfered a site, also transfered two additional domains.

    Usually I do not respond to surveys like this, unless someting drives me to do so…..
    Well, in this case it drives:
    The best ever service I have experienced in the registrar&hosting community! I had accounts at 7 different service providers, and the experience I have with SiteGround is not comparable to any of them. It is simply the best.

    Feeling happy and satisfied with my decision to come here.

  266. I have been struggling with web mail which looks like not getting email at all. I got help from online assistance and he resolved my headache instantly. I appreciate your help. Thanks

  267. I have been super impressed with the support I’ve gotten at Siteground. I moved to Siteground after having massive problems with A2 Hosting, and Siteground has been incredible.

  268. Everytime I have contacted Siteground for support and guidance, the responses have been friendly, quick, clear, helpful and always lead to a positive resolution of my query. I cannot fault their service. They are fantastic.

  269. We love Siteground now. We just tried our first site out on it for my business partner’s site at Really stable, fast host with awesome customer service. I will be recommending them to all future clients and will start reselling their hosting.

  270. Ivan P. is the man. Ask for him when you need any help!

    Planning on moving almost a dozen sites and twice as many domains to SiteGround after a conversation with him!


  271. Wow. Impressive – fast, easy and ever so painless. Nice for a change, after struggling (needlessly) for DAYS! I had no idea that all it took was a quick IM to customer service. You have me for life, now!

  272. I really love Siteground, they are very cooperative, nice, and experts, they will walk you through every thing.

    after long devastating experiences with other providers, I stumbled upon them, They have saved me time, Money, and Headache.

    I tip my Hat to you.

  273. As always, Siteground goes above and beyond my expectactions. Not only do sites work great, customer service and tehc support excel.

  274. Probably the best experience I’ve had with online technical support. They were knowledgeable and patient, and happy to keep going until the problem was resolved. Also they didn’t waste any time on the usual “Before we start, I hope you’re having a great day” nonsense.

    Highly recommended.

  275. SiteGround’s support is awesome. I just finished a chat with Gabriela K. and she was so patient and helpful. I’m a non-techie so I really appreciate her walking me through FTP, etc. This is the second time I’ve had to contact support and their support people are amazing. I’ve used several different hosts and I’m very impressed with SiteGround’s support representatives.

  276. Honestly, i don’t usually write reviews.
    but WOW!
    i’m new to this business and i had an account in hostgator.
    then moved to siteground.
    the assistance, help, chat, professionalism. simply amazing!!!
    no wait time almost at all for chat and assistance.
    keep it up SITEGROUND!

  277. Their site uptime is phenomenal and even when I reached server limit, their tech support on 24/7 chat has been super knowledgeable and understanding and lifted the limit so my users weren’t affected. A+++++

  278. Humility is the basis of all progress. You would find siteground Chat Support guys and gals promptly raising tickets to senior support for issues beyond their immediate resolution instead of arguing or pushing back the envelope to you.

    Over talent, over ability to labour I would always rate humility as the number one ingredient for achieving excellence. Be patient with these guys, they mean business.

  279. the best thing I would like to highlight is Siteground staff goes an extra mile than any other hosting provider i have worked with to solve your problems and fix your bugs.

  280. I am quite new to SiteGround but have to say that my first contact with the customer service can only be rated as excellent! Good start so I can’t wait for the rest!

  281. I’ve been with Bluehost for 2 days before I just couldn’t handle the customer service any longer. Before I even started Site Ground assisted me with what I needed to do for a smooth transfer to their hosting services. Also they helped me answer questions I couldn’t get resolved with my bluehost domain issues. Seriously night and day when it comes to customer service. Thank you so much for such a great experience and I’ve just barely signed up!

  282. I transferred to siteground a few weeks ago from a large and well known hosting company. I have to say that their customer service has been exceptional. Everything was transferred with ease, I have had my questions answered straight away through their live chat and nothing has been too much for them. 100% recommend this company.

  283. I thought I give Bluehost a try…that was just a little experiment in time wasting and frustration. I don’t think I have ever waited longer than 1 minute to have someone to help me in chat here at Siteground. While waiting for help on Bluehost (still waiting for a response in the middle of a Bluehost support session as I type) I was able to find out pricing and resolve a technical matter with a happy knowledgeable tech. They all do the same things so it comes down to speed and support and quality and speed of support and Siteground does it best!!!

  284. I am so amazed with SiteGround, the team is so wonderful, friendly and responsive, the first time I start hosting my website on Siteground, the next following day I received a call for assistance and help, that is 7 stars services believe me, Velizar Y. is very good guy, he assisted me in efficient way. Lovely SiteGround, I will definitely recommend!

  285. Truely blown away by SiteGround’s support team. I’ve had several chat sessions and they are the fastest, most polite, friendly and helpful in my many years of computer and internet work and play! BRAVO! Special thanks for two chats today with Dimitar P.& Atanas D.AMAZING help

  286. I LOVE SiteGround! After suffering (and I mean SUFFERING!) through many other hosting companies, we discovered SiteGround and there’s no looking back. In particular, and especially, your support system is what sets you apart. Don’t ever change it. The front-line chat agents are actually competent people who can help, rather than just outsourced ticket-generating dummies like so many other companies (cough-EIG-cough)
    I now have 15+ clients on SiteGround and I’ll keep recommending you to everyone as long as the service stays great!
    Thanks again!

  287. Man, o man!!! Was literally BLOWN away with the speed, the professionalism and superb expertise of Ivelin V at Siteground! He answered EVERY single question (and I had many) with more than excellent and brilliant responses. He was sooooo good, I